The reliable &
cost-effective solution to monitor the filling levels of your silos

INSYLO is a smart silo monitoring solution that allows Feed Mills and Farmers to see their stock in real time

INSYLO offers precise and reliable measurement of the filling level of the silo contents thanks to an innovative 3D camera.

It also allows you to monitor the temperature and humidity conditions inside the silo to achieve optimum storage conditions and prevent contamination due to the appearance of fungi and bacteria.

All information is stored on our cloud servers and can be accessed at any time.

The solution comes with an easy-to-use application that allows you to retrieve information on your silo at any time, from anywhere.

A sensor you can trust

Data quality and reliability is key when choosing a solution

We know how important is to you to be able to rely on the data provided by your smart silo solution. The control of the feed consumption, the alarms of low inventory and the available space in the silos are dependent on the accuracy that the system is able to provide. Our sensor provides the maximum accuracy thanks to our groundbreaking and proprietary 3D technology. After years of research and development, INSYLO has bring to the market the first cost-effective solution that satisfy the exigent needs of your industry.


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3D Sensor

Accurate measurement of the volume and weight of the silo content thanks to our groundbreaking 3D technology.

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Visibility of the interior of the silo to check clean state, detect spoilage processes, identify feed attached to the wall or obtain a proof of delivery of your orders.

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Storage Conditions

Monitoring of the temperature and humidity inside the silo to control the storage conditions and ensure an optimal quality of your feed.

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Solar Panel

No need for power grid connection thanks to its integrated solar panel and rechargeable battery. INSYLO save you costs and make your farm more sustainable.

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24/7 Cloud Service

Data is stored in our cloud services and is accessible at any time and from anywhere. Get out the most of your data through our ready-to-use web and mobile Apps.

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Automation of processes and synchronization of data with your premise systems is possible through our state of the art RESTfull API.

Easy installation, zero maintenance

Our field service team can install the INSYLO device in your silos in a matter of minutes.

Easily and safely, without disturbing your operations or compromising the integrity of your silos.

We use an anchoring system specially designed to install or remove the device quickly whenever you want.

Thanks to its self-cleaning system and the integrated solar panel there is no need for maintenance operations; it just keeps working!