Satellite View

because nobody can undestand it. It’s for that we are looking easy re-sults.

Silo Status

You can get accurate and updated information about the current state of the silos at any time:

  • Level and weight of content
  • Volume available
  • Temperature and humidity inside the silo
  • Rtc.

Historical Data

The state of the silos are continuously monitored and all data is stored in the cloud for future reference.

This way you can analyse consumption patterns, replenishment cycles and future trends.


When stocks are below the set level, INSYLO sends a message via email or smartphone to the specified people, offering the possibility of sending the restocking orders with a simple click.

Resful API

All data and smart services in the cloud are accessible externally and securely using RESTful web services.

Contact our technical team to be informed how you can integrate Insylo with your databases and corporate processes.